Monday, December 7, 2009

David Mack at the SLC Library, Dec. 5, 2009

David Mack has long been one of my favorite (if not my very favorite) comic artists. The Salt Lake Library, my second favorite building in Library Square, is hosting an exhibit of his original work (only a few days left go now!) and last Saturday Mack came in to give a talk, take some questions, sign some books, and just hang out for a while.

His talk/Q&A session at the beginning was great. He had so many interesting things to say about creativity and the artistic process. As an aspiring creative type I always love to hear from successful "creators" (be they writers, artists, film-makers, whatever) about how they got to where they are. David Mack did not disappoint and spoke at length about his career and what it has taken to create his art.

In this video he speaks a little about that and also discusses comic-books as a medium. When it comes to comics discussion of the form itself is rare. Most discussions are about which publisher is better and how so-and-so writer is ruining a beloved character.

Most of the focus was on Mack's "Kabuki: The Alchemy," a very personal, cerebral, and visually stunning story recently released in collected form. Here he talks a little about that.

Like I said, I love his work. For whatever reason this piece from the gallery stood out the most for me, even among other pieces that I'm more familiar with. If I could own any piece there this is the one I'd want the most.

I've left these pictures in hi-res so click on them for a huge version. It's worth it to see the detail.

Lots more Q&A in the gallery.

Then an informal reception that turned into more of a formal Q&A session as well. Here he addresses my good friend Matsby's question. Though it kind of looks like Mack is accusing him of something.

Finish is up with this fantastic Daredevil sketch he whipped out.

In the gallery he talked about the concept of talent, and how easily it's squandered and how often people mistake practice and hard work for talent. Someone said "Yeah but you have talent, that Daredevil drawing only took fifteen seconds!" Mack corrected, "No, it took a lifetime and fifteen seconds."