Tuesday, August 12, 2008

B's Secret Invasion Part II

Thursday. Utah's Pioneer Day, and I was two states away. I had Utah on my mind though. I was thinking of the delicious buttery apples we have in Utah, as opposed to this flavorless foodstuff the California health nuts call apples.

You know me. Do you really think I could go to San Diego and pass up the zoo? After all the time I've spent watching the live ape cam on their website?

The zoo was kind of disappointing, but at least they kept the orangutans and koalas in the same place.

On the way into the convention center I spotted some Punk Ass Teens sitting in a tree. Typical.

I saw a lot of impressive costumes, but none moreso than this band of Cobra. The accuracy on these was stunning.

Ran into this group calling themselves Gotham Public Works. If you ever need people in Batman themed costumes, these are the people to go to.

I like seeing costumed people break character to attend to personal matters. I just wish I would have gotten a picture of the Incredible Texting Hulk or Darth Vader, Master of the Dark Side of the Cafeteria.

I'm a fan of the Harley Quinn character so I had to get a picture. I was hesitant at first because then I'd be the Guy-that-gets-his-picture-taken-with-the-costume-babes, but what the heck. My fate was sealed the minute I walked through those doors anyway.

On the Harley Quinn subject, this was my favorite costume of the whole deal. It's a re-imagining of what Harley might have looked like had she been included in The Dark Knight movie. Very clever.

Well look who it is, Bruce Timm, creator of Harley Quinn and the artist behind Batman: the Animated Series. (you know, from when you were a kid).

In fact, here he is drawing Harley for me.

There was some heavy promotion going on for the upcoming movie The Spirit. I got enough free Spirit stuff to open my own Spirit store and serve the needs of Spirit fans throughout the Wasatch Spirit Front. I'm not sure about this movie. It could be really awesome or really terrible. Or it could be just "ok." Or mediocre.

They had a snow machine though. That was cool.

One of the promotional gimmicks was fake tattoo kisses, applied by babes. Scott had a problem finding free space because of his beardiness.

This girl did mine.

I said "This is nice. It's been soooooo long since I've had a ... fake tattoo." and she said "Oh good, I thought you were going to say 'kiss.'" and I said "That's what I wanted you to think I was going to say!" then we made out and it was awesome.

In a nice change of pace, these girls asked to have their picture taken with me.

I was pretty flattered until the girl in the hat said "I loved you in Labyrinth!" They had mistaken me for David Bowie. I don't understand how that keeps happening.

After hours on my feet it was time to rest. I set down this sack of Dudes I'd been carrying all day and fell into a dreamlike state.

I've been off the junk for over three weeks now, so when I finally took of this it was the best Coke I've ever had.

The nice thing about security at the convention is that they had just the right balance of friendliness and intimidation.

Time to explore the Gaslamp Quarter. Home of over two thousand bars and restaurants but not a single place to get a taco.

"Hey Ricky, let's open a strip-club."

"I don't really want to be in the strip club business."

"Don't worry, all we'll do is sell steaks."

"Oh okay. But is there any way we can make it even more disappointing?"

"Yeah, we'll make customer cook the food themselves!"


Ah, what have we here?

There was a big line outside of this place. I thought that was pretty funny. (get it?)

Plenty o' bars, but the only one I found acceptable was this.

I liked the basement part but as soon as I went down there they closed it. I have such bad luck, everytime I go to a cool bar they close it right up.

The San Diego skyline, in Micro-vision!

I don't even really like that picture.

Can you believe we have three more days of this crap to get to?

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